a) My child is 12 years old. But only 6-8 of his milk teeth have fallen. Should I be worried?

Usually 20 milk teeth fall off by the age of 12 after which permanent teeth start appearing in the oral cavity. Like how there is a sequence for teeth eruption, likewise there shedding pattern also which nature follows. Due to fast or delayed growth, this ideal eruption and shedding pattern may be altered. We need to take an OPG which covers all the teeth in one x ray which can be done at any radiology centre close to your home. An orthodontist (Brace specialist) is called upon to study the case and after seeing the patient and his x ray (OPG), he can suggest as to what best can be done in this case.

b) I am 45 yr. old female with irregularly placed teeth, working with a top MNC. Can I undergo braces treatment at this age? I get very conscious while delivering a seminar to my foreign delegates. Can you please help?

Yes you can undergo orthodontic treatment at this age too. I understand your plight but the solution is not at all difficult. Nowadays variety of braces systems are available that can help you out in any situation. See your orthodontist to check if braces from inside can be done in your case or not, because that type has some restrictions. If that is possible your confidence can be boosted like anything, wearing them.

c) Are there any side effects or restrictions of having braces?

I won’t say them as side effects, but yes there are some food restrictions which come along with the braces treatment. Very hard & sticky foods are to be avoided, Big food pieces are to be cut short and halved, 3-4 times brushing has to be done and compulsory gargling after every time you eat anything. The whole concept is that if you can keep the food away from sticking to the braces and keep the area clean, the chances of you getting cavities during or after braces comes down drastically.

d) I want to undergo braces treatment but I’ve heard you need to take out 2-4 teeth for doing that. I am very scared to remove my teeth. Why does tooth removal be so important?

Yes, you have heard it right. In almost 70% of cases there is no space available to get the teeth aligned, so the orthodontist usually recommends removing 2-4 premolar teeth. There’s nothing to be scared of, as the dentist removing the teeth will do it skillfully.
Tooth removal is done to make space for the other misaligned teeth. It is a very routine procedure. Sometimes minor surgical intervention is also required in some cases.