Teeth are held into the bone with the help of the gums which encircle the root of the teeth entirely. Along with teeth it is important to take care of the gums as well.

a) While I brush my teeth, my gums bleed and they are always red in color, what do I do?

This is most common problem that you are facing. Basically the food that you eat, in a thin pellicle gets deposited over the teeth. With the help of bacteria and the acids they produce, the soft deposit becomes hard forming calculus or tartar. When this calculus starts depositing around the gums, they become inflamed and appear red.
When the bristles of the brush go over these inflamed gums, they start bleeding. So basically, your problem can be solved with a simple cleaning & polishing procedure.


b) My tooth from outside has started appearing long all of a sudden. I am 35 year old, is the tooth still erupting, do teeth erupt at this age too?

Because of the brushing pressure or because of some gum problem this is happening. It is called gingival recession or single tooth gingival recession if it’s just one tooth like yours.
Show it to your dentist who can address your problem.

c) I am a 55 year old male suffering from diabetes for 5 years, but my diabetes is in control. I have heard diabetics have gum problems in their lives. Is this true?

Yes, you have heard it right. Diabetics are prone to have lot of gum problems because of which they may start losing their teeth at an early age.
A specialist’s intervention is required in this case who can check your teeth and gums & recommend the necessary treatment, maybe some kind of gum surgery or flap surgery is required.