We at “PRECIOUS SMILES” not only treat adult patients but special attention is given to oral health of kids as well. We believe that good & proper oral habits are imbibed on kids from an early age then; it makes a long difference in their handling of the health of their teeth.

a) My child is just 2 years old, but I have seen many dark spots on her teeth. Should such a small child be brought for dental checkup? Even if I get her, I don’t think she will allow you to treat her?

Kids are most vulnerable to tooth cavities because of their irregular eating and brushing habits. Yes, it is very important to get your child even at a small age of 2 years for a routine dental checkup, definately more important if you have seen dark spots or cavities. We have different ways of treating kids. First we try our normal trend of making her understand all that we are going to do with her teeth and all the instruments we are going to use.There is a way to treat children, as be rest assured, we know all the ways. Secondly, even if the patient doesn’t allow to treat, we do not force upon the treatment upon her. By showing her photos of her teeth and some educational videos, we try to gain her confidence. Last resort; say if the child is not at all cooperative, we have specialists coming to our clinic, who are well versed in handling kids. Say if the child doesn’t still get convinced for the treatment, we can do it under General Anesthesia. A general anesthetist is called upon who is there for the entire time till the treatment is finished.


b) My child has a thumb sucking habit? Will it have any effect on his teeth? I am worried?

Yes, kids do have such habits at an early age, but the habit should not continue for long, otherwise its effect will be seen on his teeth. His upper front teeth may come forward due to the pressure of the thumb. Thumb sucking, lip biting, nail biting, tongue thrusting are a few habits which every parent should look out in their child. Consult your dentist for helping your child eliminate these faulty habits.


c) My child doesn’t allow me to brush his teeth. He is 5 years old. He wants to brush on his own, more than brushing, he but gulps down the toothpaste. What should I do?

It’s good that he wants to brush his own teeth. What you can do is, while you brush your teeth, make him brush his own, but seeing you and your technique. Brush slowly, explain him all the movements of the brush, the strokes, the amount of pressure to be applied.


d) My child is 9 yrs. old. She brushes two times regularly, but when she smiles, her teeth look ugly. What should I do?

Do not worry at all. This age is called the ugly duckling age, where her milk teeth and she will start having permanent teeth. Its normal for teeth to look ugly at this age, if this persists, visit your dentist.