a) What is a crown or a cap?

Any root canal treated tooth or a very badly cavious tooth needs to be restored with a crown or a cap which supports the tooth and increases the life of that tooth.

b) What is a bridge?

Any missing tooth in between 2 adjacent teeth can be replaced with 3 options. One of them is a bridge i.e. a 3 unit crown or cap. In this case support is taken from the adjacent two healthy natural teeth and a 3 unit bridge is made.

c) Are there any types of crowns or bridges that I can choose from?

Yes, there are many choices available depending on your budget.
Right from metal crowns or bridges to PFM variety to zirkonia a wide variety to choose from.

d) Does a particular quality of crown have a shelf life or validity?

Yes, depending on the quality the shelf life differs. Metal crowns or bridges last for 5 years. PFM for 12 years. In zirkonia variety still research is going on but anywhere between 15-20 years.

e) I have a crown placed for more than 10 years. When do I need to change it?

Please visit your dentist, so that he can have a thorough look at the crown and guide you well.
As all crowns have a particular shelf life, after which it’s elements start leaching out, so your dentist will be the best judge to tell you about what you should be doing.