a) What is root canal treatment?

When the cavity of the tooth reaches its pulp or nerve it causes inflammation and infection in resulting in severe acute pain especially in the night during sleep. In such a case a root canal procedure has to be done if we want to relieve from pain & also save the tooth or else the second option remaining is to extract the tooth.

b) Is it a painful procedure?

No, not at all. If there is no pus, boil or infection or draining sinus, only the injection prick for local anesthesia is felt, else nothing. In case of pus, boil or infection or draining sinus, the anesthesia sometimes may not act fully. So that time it does become little painful, but that is bearable.

c) How many sittings does RCT require?

If there is no pus drainage or pus boil, one or two sittings are more than enough.
Else in case of active infection, 3-5 sittings may be required depending on how fast the infection is cleared off.

d) Can a RCT treated tooth pain in future?

If the RCT was done properly according to the best possible standards in today’s time, there is very less chance of pain arising in that particular tooth, but if the patient does not maintain his oral hygiene, well secondary decay & infection can occur even underneath a cap or a bridge.