Earlier people used to get their teeth removed even if it was having a small cavity, because there was not much awareness in that time to save the teeth.
Though technology and procedures were there to protect the teeth, but due to many reasons, people did not save them.
We at “PRECIOUS SMILES” always strive to protect your teeth and avoid getting it extracted.
But sometimes it is not possible to save the teeth and they need to be taken out.
It’s not entirely a painless job, but we can manage to give you as less pain as possible by using a topical LA spray or applying strawberry jelly over the surface to produce surface anesthesia, before giving you local anesthesia. So the injection for local anesthesia is not felt at all or just feels like an ant bite.
Once the tooth is removed, there is set of post extraction instructions which are given, which are to be strictly followed by the patient so that there is minimal pain or discomfort.
Wisdom tooth removal / Third molar surgery / Third molar disimpaction
Sounds scary, the word surgery may give you tension but don’t worry it is not at all scary.
In fact it is the simplest of surgery that you may have ever come across.
In this surgery the patient walks in & out on his toes on the very same day, in fact in an hour or less.
99% there is no hospitalization required for this surgery.
Moreover this surgery is performed under local anesthesia and not under general anesthesia, so there no food restriction before the surgery.
Our jaws are becoming smaller and smaller with evolution.
That is the reason why in many people wisdom tooth or third molar as it is called doesn’t erupt at all / or if it does, it comes in an awkward position, i.e. sleeping or submerged inside or just half come out.
Since it comes in such a locking position, hence it is said during wisdom tooth eruption there is lot of pain.
Wisdom tooth never helps in chewing or mastication, hence any problem related to it, is always advised to get the tooth extracted.
Because of its position, it becomes difficult to brush in that area and maintain good oral hygiene.
Once the tooth is removed, stitches are given which have to be taken out after 7 days.
Initially after surgery there is discomfort due to stitches and reduced mouth opening, due to which the patient shouldn’t worry because this is temporary.
Within 2 days the pain, discomfort & mouth opening improves.