Apart from following a correct brushing technique, using a mouthwash after every meal & in between meals is mandatory.
Ideally, we are supposed to brush our teeth after every time we eat, but that’s not possible for all of us.
So using a mouthwash and gargling vigorously with it helps us to remove all the food which gets stuck between our teeth.
Also, a mouthwash has an added advantage of anti-bacterial action in it, so it helps to keep the bacterial count in the mouth to minimum.
Another thing to be used for maintaining the health of our teeth is flossing.
No brush goes and cleans the food stuck between two teeth, only floss will go there.
Using floss involves a learning curve, it’s not easy but it’s not difficult either.
Always start with the front teeth first & then go for the back ones.
Readymade floss with floss holders is also available.
Flossing is one of the last things that a dentist would expect from the patient.