• Simple Usage
    Simple Usage

All of us have developed a wrong brushing habit from our parents, because maybe even they didn’t know whether they were following a proper technique or not.

Horizontal brushing technique is a wrong brushing technique.

Always follow a vertical brushing or round brushing technique.

It’s not the pressure which is required for removing plaque, stains & calculus. It’s the technique.
2-3 minutes of brushing with a soft toothbrush & pea sized toothpaste (any fluoridated toothpaste) and proper technique, twice a day is more than adequate.

Do not brush for half an hour; you are doing no good but only harm to your teeth.

Night brushing more important than morning brushing.

If you skip the morning once, it’s OK but do not skip in the night.

Please follow a proper brushing technique, because your children will also learn the same.